So why don't we all get together and make games?

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So why don't we all get together and make games?

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I was thinking we all could get together and make a bunch of cheap quick, Iphone games.
Most of the games being played by kids are shite, on all of these phones.

We could work togehter to make quick intresting games, and release a game per week.

I could do the art. The character sprites, backgrounds, X objectss. I could even do a story, or two. Somebody could do the music , and sound effects.
Somebody else could do the programming work.
Together we could make up an idea that can work "even if the new iphone crap standards kicks in.

i have tons of fictional work on hold. So instead of that lets make some games
and take the world by storm :mrgreen:

That is my purposal, and we all could see how that works out :mrgreen:
Seriously their is money to made, and while I have my big PCE ideas, I just want to make something while I still have my eye sight.
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