Vaus Controller

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Vaus Controller

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Hello everyone!

Some monthes ago I bought Arkanoid 2 for the evil Famicom. It came boxed with the infamous Vaus control.
Unfortunately, there was a problem with the pad. I have to push the knob so that the pad (in game) stopped flickering.
I thought there was a miscontact somewhere and maybe I'd have had to resolder the potentiometer. Well... in the end, it appeared that one of the pin of the pot was broken. For the record, it's a 47 (maybe 50) KOhms linear potentiometer. And after spending hours looking on the net, reading catalogs and going to some shops in Paris, I didn't manage to find one with similar dimensions :cry:
To make things shorts, I managed to resurrect the pot by opening it and soldering a wire where the pin was... That was stresful.

And here's your reward for reading this boring story... Pictures of the vaus pcb ! tadam!
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Re: Vaus Controller

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Timing is everything............wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
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