Why not a translation of PCE Digital Devil and other sound RPG games?

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Why not a translation of PCE Digital Devil and other sound RPG games?

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I have these games and thinking it would be great as a translation project. Why? Because they have sound.

Shin-Mega-Tensi ( Digital Devil Saga ), and the game is real nice and everything. The SNES version is more or less the same, But I really wished it would have sound. In my opinion the PCE ( flac, Redbook, PCM, etc ) could be dumped and then recoded and patched the SNES game. Why the SNES game? Because it does not access the CD-rom which slows the game. Again this could be done vice versa to the PCE games as well, and would run via emulator simular to that "Kung-fu" demo.

Then there is the Dragon Slayer games. Dragon Slayer ( which I have the collection disc ) is an Erouge ( Early Hentai ) Dungeon crawler RPG game for the PC-88 systems. There are three games in total, and many more on the PC-88. But man oh man the PCE version have the best graphics and details compared to the PC-88 game. Only negative points is the censored images which still makes it playable as a whole.

I say this because it would make a good project to translate the games, so we could enjoy them with sound and being able to read them. I am just throwing this out there.

There is also some other RPG games as well but I really hate the English voices. I just do not know, everything in my own language makes me want to throw up sometimes, compared to that smooth Easterner voice. I know somebody from the east have the same reversal opinion about translating things.

Again I know Digital Devil have MORE ADVANCE GRAPHICS on the GBA and PS2 but those games have been altered completely. Speaking of Digital Devil ( the SNES game not the NES game ). Did you know the game have different outcomes. I am not too sure but going different places seems to have different relations. Like in one instance your mother transforms into a demonic creature. Another instance the youths in the mall become demonic. Again another you have a dream of the final battle ( just like the Sega Saturn game ) but your path divides. I do not know but that game seems to have different paths for your actions.
In another scenario I think the dog comes to your rescue or something along those lines.
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