How to make a color transition?

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How to make a color transition?

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Imagine seeing a sunrise, over a horizin, then the horizin, the entire set of colors, become bright. Or even imagine it is getting dark ( Even with or without overlay ). When I say overlay the screen does not get dark or turn to black?

Do we tell all colors to tone down in ( color term I forget ). So that it goes into black. Do we tell all colors to raise lightness all at once.

So I have noticed that many games,

1. has used an alternative set of colors for sprites to change the actually of pretty much the entire background. This of course is popular with the Amiga, NES, and Mega Drive games.

2. Like the above set an entire background to change it's color, then just cut holes in the sprites. Then each layer has it's own color.

3. Create an overlay, that could have an special effect ( like twisting, wavy ) like in most SNES
games. This overlay would actually
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