How to impliment, and make music for the PCE?

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How to impliment, and make music for the PCE?

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I am looking on how to impliment the following types of music in a PCE progam?


I know the PCE can do midi like the NES but, not like it? why? It has less channels?

About playing PCM (Mp3/wav ) from the card slot itsef? If it can play from the CD-rom then why not the Card slot? See other post.

While it is unrealated.
About voices. I would like to know the following for implimenting synthesized voices of the type.
Like in the SNES game "Tales of Phantasia" then entire intro is in PCM that is within a MOD, torn up into little parts.

Then there is the gameboy, which has games like

"Bionic Commando" "Roger" "move out" "mission"
"Boxxel" "Oh yeah"

"Donkey Kong"
Again the SNES with the Super Gameboy, that obviously has the sound smaple of Paluines voice "Help, Help"
inside the Super Gameboy iteself or is triggered when used on a SNES. The sample will not play in emulation.

Again speaking of voice samples, MODS, and midi. Is there anyway we could relate this to the PSX, Saturn, and Genesis sound format. I know this a bit of streching it, but I mention the systems, since the PSX has it's own dedicated format, that is related to MP3 ( as with the Gamecube GCN ). The Saturn obvious has an alternative to MP3 music that is also used in the Genesis.
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