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by NightWolve
Sat Apr 16, 2022 2:45 am
Forum: General
Topic: Forum issues / Bug report
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Re: Forum issues / Bug report

Good luck, I upgraded to the 2022 SMF 2.1 core and it changed avatar storage, breaking some image links... Could've been worse, but at least IPv6 and mobile/phone support is finally included after years of stagnation. I'm really tempted by XenForo or Invision which is what Atari Age is using I belie...
by NightWolve
Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:06 pm
Forum: PC-Engine
Topic: [Tools] Etripator
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Re: [Tools] Etripator

Hey Mooz, I'm gonna try to give your PC Engine disassembler a shot finally. I'm trying to track down the default messagebox/print function in Emerald Dragon to make a minor change that'll let me compress new English text blocks better by not constantly having to switch back to 8x12 font mode versus ...