cant upload these types (yet)

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cant upload these types (yet)

Post by Gravis »

per request from MooZ... these are the file extensions i would like to be able upload.

quick list:
.htm, .html, .css, .php, .pcx, .bmp, .xcf, .svg, .svgz, .exe, .dll, .bat, .sh, .cfg, .pro, .am, .in, .ac, .m4, .in, .txt, .list, .iso, .cue, .ovl, .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .fmp, .inc, .sym, .lst, .zel, .pce, .gba, .fxe, .brm
"maximum allowed size is 256 KiB." <-- too small!

no extention <-- like a makefile, ELF, README and much more!

useful for attaching sites that have died

.pcx <-- the only image format pceas will take!
.bmp <-- best image format ever
.xcf <-- GIMP images
.svg <-- vector graphics
.svgz <-- compressed svg

program related
.exe <-- programs for the win kiddies
.dll <-- support file
.bat <-- dos ftw!
.sh <-- script
.cfg <-- config files!

.pro <-- qt project file
.am <-- automake
.ac <-- automake
.m4 <-- automake
.in <-- automake

.txt <-- text files!
.list <-- apt sources files

PCE iso related files
.ovl <-- overlay

HuC/PCEAS related files
.fmp <-- mappy map
.inc <-- asm include
.sym <-- assembly junk
.lst <-- assembly junk
.zel <-- zedit files

ROM related
.pce <-- my poor pce files :cry:
.gba <-- PCE emu on GBA!
.fxe <-- PCE emu on gp2x!
.brm <-- bram
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Re: cant upload these types (yet)

Post by Tanuki »

The 'attachment' option works for me: I reduced and attached the 'Thread Killer' cat. (It was just a test ;) ).

Thanks Mooz !! :D

(About the Gravis's list):
I think the PCX files would be nice (It's my favorite format :mrgreen:).
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Re: cant upload these types (yet)

Post by MooZ »

I'll allow :
  • huc/pceas files
  • pce rom
  • cfg
The rest will not be added to the authorized list. I'll push the limit to 1MiB but not much. I don't want to turn this forum into some kind of file storage :) If the files you want to attach are not supported and if the total limit is below 1MiB, just make a zip and attach it.
If they are ogg/mp3/iso, put it on your own web site please.
If you can't and if your benevolent admin (that means me, see below) is in a good mood, he'll upload it to his personal pleasure lair.
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